Saturday, November 13, 2010


Terri's phone died. We had to get a new one as 'they never saw one do that before' and 'we don't fix it we send it away' which won't work for business!

So she upgraded. I will too, by March... the window opens then for a hefty discount. Will probably go with a Droid. I have begun to hate my Blackberry. It's slow, with a small screen - Internet is a joke. Call quality IS good, as is the audio of a call.

We are slated for new computers too... and I watch the ads carefully. One tactic I have noticed is the local big box store doesn't give model numbers, so you can't easily go online and read reviews.

I am really looking forward to a faster processor and maybe even Win7. I am not looking forward to trying to get stuff off this machine and onto the other. As the Chamber Brothers used to sing: THE TIME HAS COME TODAY. Well, not today - as I am watching for the best deal on an i7. I expect to have them side by side for a while as I try not to lose anything 'important.'

Yes, I have twin outboard hard drives. No, I really don't know what I am doing; suspect moving programs to be problematic. Files I can move. The old Gateway is over 7 years of age. If it all goes smoothly then the pilgrims will come and want to build a shrine on the site of the miracle.

And our Blu-ray player has decided to unwork. It used to work. Now just eats discs and pauses. I am trying to update its firmware. Time will tell, as the process takes a good part of an hour.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


In the paper today I saw an article about the public radio station in town. A show host was in a studio with about $10,000 of microphones. And I would value the ( discontinued) microphone in my studio at work at $65 new. That's at a company valued at $16 Billion (yes, B!). WTF?