Monday, January 30, 2012


Google it on YouTube and then listen.

I have no clue.

But it does seem that something is up. I suspected a hoax, but it's pretty darn worldwide. Normal sound diminishes at the square of the distance to the source. This doesn't seem to. One popular theory is it's HAARP (Google this.) Another is its the shifting of the earth's magnetic core (how this makes noise eludes me.)

Some think it's a religious thing.

Your theories are welcome.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I feel the Christmas letter posting below was a failure.  Or it stank.  Or was too long.  Versus the number of comments I used to get to the printed version, this idea was a bust.  Maybe people are just too busy to click a link and read,  I don't know.  I got some response, but not what I am used to.  Unsure what to do next year.

Show off!  Show ON.

I was listening to myself from 40 years ago yesterday.  Someone had posted something on Facebook which reminded me that airchecks from my days as a disc jockey are still online.  Listening back to this raw kid on the radio in Pittsburgh - then a top 10 market -  with what I know NOW about how to entertain and do great radio, the best opinion I can muster is: "interesting."  Whatever it was, it WAS NOT the sterile crap that airs on many stations today.  That's somewhat in part due to cost-cutting measures where a person on-air in today's radio can dial up the future in the computer, and drop what he's going to say where it fits.  There's no SHARED experience.  That is, the person you hear didn't just hear what you heard.  How's that cut costs?  Because the person you hear is doing this for multiple stations in several cities, reducing staff.  And payroll.  An example:  a show that would have paid $35,000/yr now pays about $5,000 to the "voice-tracker.".


If you listen to a radio station with a "call-in to win" contest, you stand a much better chance by using your cell phone to make the call.