Wednesday, September 05, 2012


This is number 976 blog posting on this blog.  Some day I will go back and read from the beginning.  As the song goes, "I was older then, I'm so much younger now."

Stuff happens: On Labor Day Chester swallowed the squeaker in a plush squeaky toy. Vet, vomit, done. BTW: Martha Stewart Plush Pets are stuffed with children's hair cut off while they cried.

Stuff 2: I backed my car into our wall in what you'd see is a parking area.  UNLESS you try to see it all via the backup cam.  No excuse.  Should have paid more attention.  It'll be a whole assembly replacement as there's holes in it now.  Remember when bumpers were for bumping?  Whatever happened to bumping?  It's lost, that's what.  Bumping was once part of who we are - or were - as drivers of America.

I miss it.

I saw a Fisker.  There's automotivation.  It's like a swoopy Solstice had a baby with a Corvette.  It looked wide and long, but I only got a quick look.  I like the look of the new Lexii and still favor Audi for good looks and good everything else.

There are more trucks in Texas than in the whole country of Truckmanistan.

It's the 5th of September and the temperature is 96 in the shade.  Not complaining, but I long for a good long rain and thunderstorm.   Happily, Chester doesn't freak out at all over thunderclaps.  I've been recording thunder (last storm about 2 months back) which is easy on the iPhone app I have as when you see the flash, roll record.  Seldom is there no time to push the button to get the bang and on those times I find you record a lot of swearing.  "#### that was ####ingCLOSE!"

Somehow Spotify snuck onto my computer.  So far so good.  (It creates music streams based on your opinion of songs it presents as it gets to know you.)