Tuesday, April 24, 2012


How can something so cute and wonderful turn into a monster just like that?  Not that the change is on purpose - it's instinct or hormones or that leaf or that electric cord or that tempting rabbit turd.  Yes, our little Chester is "willful."  Somehow I think this is karma coming back in a feedback loop to me.  Of course, our pup is only 8 weeks and some days old, so hopefully at some point he'll actually want to be on a leash, stop eating carpet and turn into the doggie love machine we hope for.

Last night, on duty for the 2AM trip outside, I found the widdle boy had launched diarrhea in and out of his crate and after doing the potty encouragement visit outside  (a beautiful night, btw), I then proceeded to clean it all up.  Walking through the house in the dark I managed to accidentally kick a wall with the foot on which my big toe was effectively sewn back on a few years back.  It still acts up.  Yowtch!

But then you get a hug and all is good.

Here he is in the crate, dreaming of rabbit turds.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Thailand floods delayed the production of the SONY NEX 7 camera, likely to replace my Olympus E 620, which I will then sell.  Ironically, originally I had planned to await the update to the Canon 5D, which is now released at a MK III version with all the bells and whistles I originally wanted.  It retails for about 3x the Sony.  It's probably superior.  But is so pricey!  And large.  I had hoped to get away from the large form DSLRS due to the size when travelling.  At about $5000 with lens, I think I'll pass on the Canon, but with reverence.

Friday, April 06, 2012


Last Sunday and Monday we traveled to the Inn at Dos Brisas, which translates to the Inn at two Brisas. It's secluded, about 2 hours and change from here.  It seemed like another geography, with more lushness and even a different color palette of green.  Limited guests, 5 star re$taurant -  you can rent one of several houses or four one room deals.  They give you a golf cart for roaming the 300+ acre spread.  We roamed.  Horses, or Hosses as I like to say, were in various corrals and pastures.  One had Opossum Sickness whereby it ate some grass that an opossum had 'gone' on, and "wasn't right in the head."  It was trying to open the gate of its enclosure to escape the asylum, kind of like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

We had a nice time in the peace being away from the usual.

Note from the road: we saw a wild turtle on the road
Note from the road: from 60mph to 30mph.  Speed trap?
Note from the road: noisy gravel

On Monday morning we had signed up for shotgun lesson.  The 20 gauge kickback/recoil really hurt after a while.  I didn't master it.  Man it hurt.  I am a delicate boy.  Then I asked if I could try from the hip.  Didn't take long to hit that clay!  I quit immediately, while the state champion 'guide' was a-thinking, "that was luck, right?"  All I can say is it'd be fun from the hip, but would take a lot of ammo to become proficient.  And I was really surprised how hot the rifle got.  Quickly, too.