Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I await the arrival of the electrician. We have a list of items which need attention. There are several which seem beyond what I could do myself and another several I could do, but know deep in my heart I should not.

I was the child who once plugged in tweezers.

Some of the work involves going up a ladder, the base of which, due to blockages, will have a wide wide span or an uneven surface. I can hold it for him but Terri couldn't bring enough heft for me. And besides, my nature to GET IT DONE might have me off balance easily. My pride suffers a little but I'd like to stay relatively intact.  I can imagine putting a slipping ladder through a window while I ride it down into cactii or a broken leg.

How hard to rewire a switch? Three wires, color coded... of COURSE I could do that. But as long as he's here working on other stuff...

And it turns out that of 4 new halogen outside lights, only one worked. I zoom back to LOWES while he's here on the clock. Before I left the store I actually tested each bulb THIS time.  They couldn't figure out how to test, believe it or not.  I then went to the lamp/lighting display and simply unscrewed a bulb which was lit and tested the new ones one-by-one.

Do you ever start out a small project solo only to discover that you need a special tool, or maybe an adaptor, or that your fix causes more trouble than the original problem?  That wouldd be a snapshot of some of my fixes.