Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm back, Jack

I see I am up to one follower so will use my adrenaline rush to resume blogging.  A lot has happened beyond getting my follower.

Terri left last November.  Wasn't happy.  Much to my surprise, I wasn't either.  Ok, not really a surprise.  Anyway we now live about 12 miles apart, not far from the old home which sold to a nice couple with cash.  We hammered out a win-win but didn't tell them about the ancient Indian sacrificial area of the lot.  Divorce is coming.  Too bad I'm not still in country radio!

I like this house better than the one we had built and I don't know why.  Maybe because there's usable land... Used for grass cutting, rock removal, deer grazing.  I think it may be the trees.  We had trees before, but I have 37 oak trees in the front yard alone.  Not alone.  And apparently up to 16 deer.  I have a burn pit for I guess whatever I want but I've only done leaves, sticks, car tires, and branches. It gives me an excuse to play with gasoline and fire.  I am careful, believe me.  The county is in a burn ban or I'd torch the four foot pile I have waiting for an opportune time.  This won't be subtle.  At the bottom I have a bunch of tree stumps.  Yeah, THAT big.  It'll burn for a week, the sweet smell of cedar (stumps) perfuming the deer.

The other night there were three bucks remaining after the others left... With impressive antlers. I thought they'd look good smoking cigars.

One other deer was mad I think as it stood stomping, but not very close, so Chester and I just watched it stomp and fingerpop.

So I bought this house and in the gap between leaving the old place and finding my new place and then in closing process, I had time in Terri's rental while she was away (We remain friends.)  then a two story condo at a golf resort.  I don't golf but it was nice to see Chester find so many balls, which I placed through the community, in places you wouldn't quite expect to find them.  I'm easily amused.

The rental bedroom was very dark, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, I went through the wrong door (not wearing glasses). Whoops, head first down the stairs.

and then weeks later I had three spells of not being able to say the words I wanted to... And six times my right arm went numb.  I think it went this way.  Doctor.  Specialist, Hospital 1, Ambulance, Hospital 2, Tests.  Neurosurgeon, neurology, medical staff.  And they have to agree before you get discharged or you leave without medical say-so, and insurance won't cover you and in my case, wouldn't be able to drive for a year. Subdural Hematoma, apparently from my stair flight, though weeks later. CT scan.  Surgeon is pleased.  Get another.  As  I write this, it's now.  But then isn't it always? I've been absolutely fine since about May.  It was only for a week.

Next time I'll have more pictures.  I had a lot of work done here at Rancho del Woodo and its all just about done.  Two more weeks I'd guess.  It's really a big deal to move your life.