Friday, June 19, 2009


After our varmint saga some posts below, resulting in a quick ride down the highway for Mister Dillo, there was a brief lull where our grass'n'weeds grew normally. Then more digging appeared, like tiny toy archaeologists were looking for artifacts. I reset the trap. First some bait was eaten but whatever ate it got away with Salmon breath. However, this AM brought another trapped digger. Even while in the cage it managed to ruin the grass under it.

Now I know many will see this and go "ooooh, how cute..." but you'd be wrong! This snarling, wretched, spiteful, straight-razor toting beast was quite intent on breaking through the slammer to slash and chew on my white ass.

My research said that you'd have to drive it at least 20 miles away because they can come back and will certainly find your house and seek revenge. (Okay I made up the revenge part, but they can really wreck a house when inside it, and they apparently will try to get inside - a neighbor trapped 2 DOZEN in Florida as they infested his home!)

And they can be rabid.

So, drastic measure time.

I can assure you the circle of life is an unbroken one. Read into this what you will.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am mid-worst-cold I can remember. I was taking ZiCam. Which, it was just announced, can permanently disable your sense of smell. They are pulling it off the market. I don't trust easily, and especially mistrust the 'experts.' This is another reason why. I will stop and try to get my $11 back just because I am pissy about this.

TRUST NO ONE. Period. This stinks and I CAN smell the stink.

Friday, June 12, 2009


My helpful Walgrens prints out a long list of cautions and medicinal 'oh by the ways' which include a long list of possible side effects of whatever I've been prescribed. Frankly (okay, "Bobly") I never read the things until lately. You know - the doc says take this, I trust him or her, I take it.

What I want to know is this: WHY AREN'T THERE ANY GOOD SIDE EFFECTS? I got weakness, anxiety, confusion on one, and that's just the first LINE. I stopped reading that one. Was confused. Thought I had already read it. Then dropped the bottle. Searched the floor for any pills that might have rolled out - wouldn't want the dog to eat one. See what I mean?

Others list stuff I don't even want to consider: explosive colon disorder, barking wildly, hair on elbows, etc.

So it occurs to me (between anxieties from the damn prescription I still take) I've never seen or even heard of a GOOD side effect. Why aren't there good ones? "May cause you to laugh more." "May make you a more pleasant person." "Could help you see through clothes (oh, sorry.)" You get the idea.

I think Big Pharma is missing the boat. Put some great side effects in, and you cure arthritis or whatever PLUS you are a happy camper. THAT would be one popular health care plan. Congress could get behind that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I realize I haven't blogged on this blog for a while. I have several others and I'd like to keep them all juggled, but since I have a nagging feeling that only a very exclusive (read: small) audience checks this out, I don't feel a ton of enthusiasm to write more often. Also, FACEBOOK in many cases seems like ego-static, so I guess that makes a blog an ego-thunderstorm. LOOKITME! LOOKITME!

I miss having that great ego extension of a radio station which I would program. Even though you aren't as necessary as you think you are, it feels like you are, and this emanation is controlled by you. An aside: I once argued with a troublesome talent who claimed I was a control freak. 20 years later I can admit he was correct in that regard. I wanted the station to be perfect. Later I realized that it CAN'T BE PERFECT, that people are who they are and the best you can hope for is THEIR best, and to, well, lighten up.

I think I take things too seriously. I also think I swing to nonsensically. This throws most people. Polar opposites? With icecap melting?

Enough introspection!

It seems the Armadillo I trapped, drove away and released, is back, or his relative is. I have reset the trap and THIS ONE, if I catch it, will get the free ride after I mark its shell with magic marker. If it comes back down the road, makes it back those 7 miles... I might have to use Fedex or Remmington/Winchester to dispatch it upon the third visit.

We have been visited by deer lately - they're always around but two Bambis and Mom have been on our property several times. And Rabbits Galore!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I like David Letterman, haven't been a fan of Jay Leno, but don't regularly watch either --- once in a long while to catch an interview maybe. I used to watch more Letterman when it was edgier. Can't stand Paul the too obvious Laughing Stooge. I rather like Craig Ferguson, but just haven't been inspired to record him either. Fallon, not.

I was interested enough to TiVo (mainstream alert - using a noun as a verb!) the first Conan O'Brien show as he took over the Tonight Show.

It was hilarious! WAY WAY better than either Leno or Letterman. I laughed OUT LOUD many times. Many! And so did Terri! That's a miracle. So much so, the Catholic Church wants to take up a collection. Check it out!