Tuesday, February 28, 2006


W's approval rating, according to a CBS news poll, is now 34% (a new low!)

The poll also found that 46 per cent hold a negative view of VP Dick Cheney and 18 per cent hold a favourable view, down from a 23-per-cent favourable rating in January.

The telephone poll of 1018 adults was conducted on February 22-26 and had a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. The White House Tilt-a-Whirl operator will no doubt comment that these 1018 adults are unpatriotic, and that CBS is a bastion of liberal bias and lies - look at what Dan Rather made up just to embarass the President.


He's funny, glib, very bright and irreverent. I hope he scores BIG. I'm a fan. Others have endured hours of flop sweat, and that isn't pretty.

They say Johnny Carson was the all-time champ host, and I'll agree. But the country was a gentler place then, too. Now a little edge will fit right in. But here's the thing: too much will work AGAINST Stewart, so it's a delicate balancing act.

I'm not a fan of Billy Crystal. He just has that "look at me" look which I don't find attractive, though undoubtedly I'm in the minority. Compare our careers - he wins. I enjoyed the schtick where they put him into movies. He does a great Muhammad Ali/Howard Cosell bit - it's perfect. But I'm just not there for him.

Whoopi Goldberg has a different, slower pulse, to my way of thinking, which makes her too droll for the gig.

Ellen DeGeneres is perfect. She's cheerful, confident, and funny! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Leno would be too hyper.

Letterman wouldn't go near it again.

Steve Martin scored, but with him you expect crazy-against-his-look, so when he's straight it seems wrong.

We'll watch Sunday night, but I will gag when the winners each get up there and accept an award by reading their personal phone directories of agents and lawyers and hangers-on. Sure wish they'd cut that out. Geez, if they don't have ANY personalilty, wouldn't you think they'd hire someone to write a script they could memorize and deliver? Think of the difference between something meaningful and 45 seconds of names!

Something like this:

"I am so very, very grateful to those with whom I had the good fortune to work on this project, and for those who back me up in so many ways, every day. But I want to take just a few seconds to encourage the young boy or girl who may be watching and whose fantasy world deserves to grow and shine. To you I say: Never give up. You see, the world of pretend is a wonderful world when it can open the minds and hearts of so many, to lead them to a place of great ideas, deep feelings, and sharing."

...and heck, that's only 30 seconds.


Has this happened to you? You check your phone for voicemail(WOW - spell check doesn't recognize "voicemail"!) and get no messages... then later you check and there are several (yet the phone never rang?)

It seems like E mails come in batches too... you'll get none all afternoon, then two or three all at once.

Coincidence? Conspiracy?

Friday, February 24, 2006


I took my film to the photo place and asked that they develop and transfer to disc. No prints! (This from a guy with cartons and cartons - big ones - full of pictures in the attic and many more blow-ups in closets, unhung due to lack of wife-approved wall space!)

I also browsed the digital SLR cameras and now I want one. The only problem is, I'll bet my other two lesser cameras would sell for about $29.00! Oh well, there's always Christmas.


This was a pleasure - the folks at the studio (TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD) were very nice and friendly, the producer specific (you WANT direction) and the studio SOUND wonderful.

Over many years, I've heard myself on TV, radio, and in cinema... on many many radios and radio stations over the years, and many many studios. I have a home studio (almost state of the art). So when I am impressed, that's saying something!

How does it come to be? Skill, equipment synergism, acoustic design.

There's now an incumbent in east Texas with one gooooood commercial, if I do say so.

Wish I had kept count... I wouldn't be surprised if I've done 10,000 commercials in my career (unfortunately, most were for radio stations I worked at and I was not paid separately.) I've done an audio book, movie trailers, announced and acted. I love it all.


Yesterday I asked Terri if her alarm clock was a radio? While still semi-asleep I thought I heard talk after she left the bed. She said no.

Today she told me she found out where the talking was coming from - ME!

I've begun to talk in my sleep. Not only that, she said I was walking fast (while in bed.) Words are as of yet indistinct.

Uh oh. Why do I feel this could lead to trouble?!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Tomorrow I do my first political voiceover for an incumbent in a small market. It would be very nice if I could get in with a consultant who has many clients and lots of work.

I had to examine my political feelings before accepting. I am afraid you really can't know the product (correct word choice) well enough to validate such work. I must hope the voters study up before they vote.

Today I auditioned for a national TV spot which would pay very very well, BUT it's a character voice and I don't think I nailed it. But you never know - it's completely subjective!


"Luuuucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!"

I never said that ONCE while in St. Lucia. I forgot.

I am trying to figure out the best way to blog about that trip after the fact. Some of the story is a few posts south of this one. With no connection to the outside world, I couldn't blog each day, so will have to reconstruct. I did take about 300 digital and 70 film pictures. Once I get a chance, I'd like to post some, but am not sure if that's best on this blog, or a specialized one, or even through some other service. I'll keep you posted.

Camera comparison

Well, I can tell you the SLR was much easier to use and except for SEEING the pictures and the economy of taking several to get the best of the best, had it all over the point-and-shoot Minolta. Why? A much clearer viewfinder, a much wider zoom lens (and down to 28mm!) and much more latitude in settings. The Minolta only does 2.8 to 3.5 for aperture. (I must be wrong about this - I believe I am quoting the minimums but haven't seen a larger number, or missed it if displayed!) Without looking, I'd guess the Canon goes f2.8 to f22.

The whole waste issue, which I blame on the grade school nuns who beat it into our heads to 'finish our lunch because there were starving kids in China' (huh?) still haunts me when it comes to shooting film. But in digi - heck - you can just shoot and shoot and shoot. Erase what you don't like. Shoot some more. Memory is reusable and batteries rechargeable!

I like the digi for handing off to someone to take a picture with me in it - I can check their work right away.

What I will do is have the film transferred to digital too, and compare.


The toilet facilities, even on a luxury sailing yacht, can be tiny and manual. Luckily for us, this one was electric. Go and push the button. Hold for 20 seconds.

Others we have experienced are manual - turn the valve, pump 20 times, turn it the other way, pump more. About midweek those tend to start to bray like a mule. EEEE aaaaaaawwww EEEEE aaaaaaaaawwwww.... each stroke announcing to the world...

But this electric one was so convenient. To flush you push and hold the button. AND Try to ignore that it then sounds like a 1956 tractor engine running at 95% of flat out. Kind of embarrassing. But nicely functional.

I didn't take any pictures of the toilet and bathroom. You'll have to take my word it was very small. I think a really large person could get wedged in there.


Nope. Cows, chickens, goats, sea birds, dogs and cats.


Oh yes. Sorry I can't name them, but we believe that St. Lucia has the 2nd most diverse flora in the world! And the spring season was ON! Lush!


Didn't see any models - did see and photograph some mighty fine super yachts. I blew air kisses just in case.

There was one Blonde who was on our flight out of St. Lucy... I suggested to Terri she was a supermodel but Terri wasn't buying that. She was about TWICE Terri's size. Okay, I exaggerate. But she was darn near 6 feet tall and lanky. With makeup and photo retouching what it is, I'm not so sure she wasn't...


I just realized today, this continuity: that my dad wrote letters to whomever - even the White House - as a concerned citizen.

My stepfather wrote letters to the editor.

And I have 3 blogs and two websites.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Not a great idea. The shot pattern is wrong.

I saw a video in which, with the same gun model and ammo, they tried to hit things at 90 feet - the distance the VP was supposed to be from his companion. Nope. Too far away. Too much spread. Cut to the chase - to do what was done to the poor man, he'd be shot from about 15-18 feet.

Was the Veep loaded? Is that why the police were kept away?

And the reported timeline is oddly out of sync. Look it up.

There are many unanswered questions on this one, and my sense is the press isn't going to let up. This isn't conspiracy theory stuff - this is a very poorly handled accident BY PEOPLE WHOSE PROFESSION IS HANDLING THINGS.


Knowing we'd be virtually cut off, I TiVoed the first 10 minutes of national news each night. I figured if important, it would be covered there, before the commercials. Wow. For days it was CHENEY SHOT THE OLD GUY WHILE HUNTING (an attorney from Austin, btw, for any out of towners.) Then it was CHENEY SILENT ON SHOOTING, LOCAL WOMAN BREAKS NEWS TO PRESS (by CHENEY's request - ?!) Then they seemed to blame the guy he shot for not announcing his presence, then they backed away from that. Finally, CHENEY admitted his awful day and his responsibility.

Color me naive. Bird -- man. Not the same. Bird flies over background you can't see clearly, hold your shot. And don't these guys wear flame orange?

I don't think CHENEY meant to shoot a person. But I think the way he handled the aftermath, and the way he seemed to duck and cover, should at the very least, ban him from Cabellas for life.

This administration apparently thinks wingtips are birds anyway, as they keep shooting themselves in their own feet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


And the Grenadines in the West Indies. That's where we chartered a crewed sailboat (a 55 foot monohull) and to our good fortune, the other passenger (on a stateroom package plan) was snowed in by the blizzard in NYC and so we had the boat to ourselves for a very wonderful and romantic adventure in the finest area!

By the way, a 55 foot sailboat is called a sailing yacht.

I'll figure out a way to post many pictures over the next few days, perhaps on a companion site, and do a serious write up. I can also give an intelligent comparison on my twin cameras now... the slr/film vs digital point and shoot. (Each has merits and negs.)

We sailed through 50 knot winds, by the way. Loved it! Terri cashed in our frequent flyer miles and we went first class, too (comments on that will follow once the jet lag allows better typing... it ain't what it used to be, but is still good!)

So, as I wrote, we're back, and I will be loading this blog with more. (COME BACK SOON AND OFTEN!) It's so odd to be completely cut off from news (by choice) and no doubt will have much to say on THAT (like WHAT WERE THEY THINKING to allow ports to be controlled by an Arab company? Hey, even if squeaky clean, that's just BAD PR. Bush and his cronies have once again showed lack of savvy!)


Now THAT'S the way to fly. But not if you personally have to pay for it! What you get: earlier boarding. Then you get hit by many bags as large people move masses of gear-in-containers to the rear. What you get: wider seats, 2-by-2. What you may get: two coughing guys right behind you. What you can get: free drinks. I had diet coke, but others were drinking what appeared to be booze. What you get: a movie on longer flights. I watched a chick flick (Elizabethtown) but I blame it on the tranquilizer I took because I am a nervous traveler. It always gripes me that when they show a movie they ask people to shut their shades. Movies I can see when I want. Flying at 30 some thousand feet over (in our case, the launch pads at Cape Canaveral, you don't get to see often.) Clearly planes need flat screen TVs and not early 80s front screen projection which requires darkness. What you don't get, not even from Puerto Rico to Atlanta, a flight of almost 4 hours - FOOD! Nope. You can eat crackers or pretzels or some sort of cookie.

Oh - you get quicker access to the first class bathroom. That's good.

And when the pilot takes a potty break, they block the aisle with what used to be a food cart. Security. Fine with me.


You can call me shallow. When we flew out of Austin, there was a guy on board wearing a Turban, with an Osama-type beard and what I thought were shifty eyes. I was hoping they were darn EXTRAcareful screening him. Later I wondered if I am racist. Guess what? I don't care. Better safe than sorry. When they tell me to take off my shoes for X-Ray, I do, gladly. Check the guy in the turban. HE should be glad they do, too.


I will post pictures soon. These are former volcanoes and behind them is an active one. We moored for two nights - first and last - beneath all. When the breeze blew in the right direction, the sulfur smelled like a just-lit match. Now I will have forever reminders of the fumaroles.

One night the breeze blew another way and the unmistakable scent of GANJA wafted over from another boat. Moorings, our charter company, warns you in the first 10 minutes aboard - there are to be no drugs, though they are apparently available. More on the Ganja farm we saw WAY UP a mountain (from the sea below) later.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Jessie, our cocker spaniel, knows something is up - she hasn't quite been herself all week since the luggage and summer clothes appeared in stacks as Terri readies us for the trip to the Caribbean. I thought dogs weren't supposed to have great memories.

It's interesting to see how she's been playing us - not that we are that pliable (NOT MUCH! HA!). She's got CUTE turned up all the way and even seemed to fake a limp, pre-walk yesterday. I say "fake" because she pulled off the act before we left the house, but was fine for a long walk, and after.

We took her for a ride to the store the other evening after all this started and she was shivering in the car as if the ride was to a bad place.

Today she played with one of her toys more than I've ever seen.

Terri has found what we think is a better kennel than the one she's been to in the past, though the old one seemed to be a happy place for her. To us, it seemed dirty and smelly.

Today is the day I start to collect my trip-items and find the missing whatevers. Tomorrow we get up at 3AM and I stress till we are on the plane.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Austin, Texas. February 9, 2006.

Today, Bob Wood, President of Internet-Marketing-Advisors, announced the creation of the first of a series of competitions to be held in successive years: The Great Spell Check Challenge in which participants are asked to create a 100 word (minimum) story which remains both coherent and highly creative while using nothing but UNRECOGNIZED Google spell-check words.

"I think the "the" and "a" will stymie a lot of people. It's tough to tell a story without the "grout" that hold the word tiles together," said Wood.

First prize is $1.00

"It isn't the prize, but the accomplishment," said Wood, who noted that each year Google will grow smarter and contestants will have to delve deeper into thesauruses (not recognized by Google spell check) to keep entries on track.

Entrants my post their entries as comments on this post. They should include an E-Mail address (or "Eddress" - not recognized by Google spell check) should they be declared winner.

Deadline for entries: March 31.
Entries will be judged by usage of non-recognized words, and creativity. Entries must be posted in English. No medical terms will be allowed. By entering, contestants recognize right of Bob Wood to publicize their entries in any medium.


An eight-year scientific study in America has concluded that you might as well eat a bacon sandwich as a low-fat yoghurt if you want to stay healthy. Yogurt is the easier to spell version of yoghurt, and said to be less hurtful without the 'hurt' part.

Medical researchers in the United States who set out to demonstrate that a low-fat diet will reduce the risks of cancer and heart attacks were struggling yesterday to hide their disappointment. The results from their eight-year, government-funded study are in - and they show no such thing. "There is no monster under the bed, or even in the closet," said an unnamed spokesperson, between mouthfuls of bacon.

While this may be good news for lovers of butter and fans of bacon sandwiches for breakfast, it will surely befuddle the millions of health-conscious consumers around the globe who for years have skipped from one low-fat fad to the next in search of the perfect recipe for health, longevity and, of course, a tauter tummy.

"It was the Rolls Royce of studies," agreed Dr Michael Thun of the American Cancer Society. The results, far removed from what the experts had expected, were reported yesterday by the Journal of the American Medical Association, in an issue sponsored by Rolls Royce, "first choice of Plastic Surgeons nationwide."

But before everyone dives for the chocolates, some skeptics - and some of its authors - point to potential problems with the study, notably that it did nothing to distinguish between different kinds of fat. "Bacon isn't exactly a slab of ribs or a handful of Crisco," said Dr. David Hemmings. "Let's see Cameron Diaz after a couple years of eating pork slabs! I think she'd be in Tyne Daily territory, if you catch my drift. Probably with chest pain. And what exactly is yogurt anyway? It isn't milk, it isn't cheese, it's active bacteria in a goo, that's what it is. It's a little bit sour, like cow milk pudding in a plasma state. Yogurt is the Dick Cheney of dairy!"

Medical researchers are now said to be investigating the causes of ugliness in American adults, looking for a correlation between Birkenstocks and white socks.


In a few days we will fly to Atlanta, then Puerto Rico then St. Lucia. St. Lucia is patron saint of bald men. We will board a sailboat and sail the warm seas for some days, in search of relaxation.

This is the xxth time we've done same. We are having a time trying to remember all the cruises and sailings. Something like 17, but I'm not sure.

BTW: The house will have someone watching it very closely (maybe from the inside!) so no hi-jinx! He's a good shot.

St. Lucia has what they call the Pitons, two big pointy mountain-like things that look like Madonna earlier in her career, lying on her back.

I am taking the digital camera as my "main" camera with room for 700+ pictures in full size and fine resolution. I may post one or two when we return. Since so much time is spent on the water, I doubt very much there will be the opportunity to even take that many, especially since you can review and erase bad ones... but, inspired by my friend Geoff, who took 1700 shots on his recent large-ship cruise, I will try.

This is our first real vacation in a few years, as all our time was spent looking at cities across the country for the best place to settle down after so many years when jobs pulled us this way and that; nomads, really. Then there were trips to look at the house being built on the lot we bought (for investment or use.) To our great pleasure, it turned out to be use.

Terri is a wonderful organizer. She handles everything and I tag along. I believe she enjoys the search for the right trips while I'm not that much into that part.

This will serve as our 20th wedding anniversary, too, though we'll miss it by two weeks. We surely will count our blessings for having each other!

I'll post something tomorrow, then be off line for a while. Please come back on the 21st as I should be web-cooking again by then.

IPod classes

A department store in London is offering 45 minute IPod classes (as in how to operate) for $115.

Heck, me too.

What's next? Some people just can't cope with tech.

For instance:

My mother couldn't figure out the new microwave oven - she was widowed by then, and in her 80s. "There are no buttons!" she said. I explained that the buttons were on the front that they just looked like numbers and you press on the numbers. She couldn't handle that thought and back it went.


I once had a call from Terri's boss in San Diego (long ago.) It was late one evening, a weekend. He was under the influence of some substance/s. He wanted my help (I had never met him) in getting his stereo to work - he knew from Terri I was into such things. I talked him through the steps... nothing worked. "Is it plugged into the wall?" I asked. Pause. Wait for it... "You're A GENIUS Bob!!!"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


--- That "H" in CSI Miami only speaks in 2,3,4 and sometimes 5 word sentences. I mean, that's IT! Also that when he gives "the look," he looks like a camel?

--- That in American Idol they must sing more than one song since the show shows auditioners ALSO singing the same song, i.e.: last night it was JOY TO THE WORLD? And one guy then goes, after someone else is edited in, singing, "JOY TO THE WORLD," he continues, "The Loroord hassss commmmeeeeee..." No, dude, they wanted the 3 Dog Night one.

--- And if the auditoners are the ones they SHOW out of the thousands who try out at each location, how bad must the others be?

--- the price of gas is up again?

--- That the typical response of white collar or congressional slime caught is to accuse the accusers of agendas.

--- That OJ hasn't caught the murderer.

--- That THE SHIELD is incredible TV?

--- That the flying camera and yellow first down electronic line have really improved football coverage. Neither are new, but the flying camera is getting better and better! And the yellow line is indispensable.

--- That Candace Bergen on Boston Legal is packing on the pounds?

--- That Alias is going off the air?

--- That Clear Channel is really plugging the HD channels that about nobody can receive?

--- That Howard Stern needs someone to rail against, now that he can do whatever he wants. Could he turn into a political force? Before you say no, think of the population which shows up for American Idol auditions! At what point does Howard (52?) become a dirty old man/perv?

--- That the phone companies want to double dip - i.e., get paid by the user and the networks like Google, too?

--- That SKYPE revolutionizes communication?

--- That Apple has an even lower priced IPod out now?

Monday, February 06, 2006


I enjoyed it, though not nearly as much as the Rosebowl. Now THAT was a game for the ages! But, nice to see the Steelers win. Too bad the Seahawks were so bad.

I remain amazed at the money spent on commercials which lack punch, sell, or any hook at all. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD! There must be some great salespeople selling these concepts to those who pay for them! Too bad that salespersonship isn't translated to the screen. So many SO WHAT ads this year! Carefully crafted EXPENSIVELY made SO WHAT ads!

My favorite: The Cavemen for FedEx. Unlike many spots, I can remember who it was for. It was wonderfully executed.

Second favorite: The Budweiser pony that 'pulled' the wagon out of the barn. Cute, withy a great sell at the end.

Third favorite: Sprint ad for cell phone with THEFT DETERRENT - where the guy throws the phone at and hits the other guy in the head with his phone.

Fourth favorite - Brilliant execution - the DISNEY WORLD spot. Any commercial that can get their sponsor name in so many times as effectively has yet to be seen!

Among the many that didn't score - Burger King Whopperettes - a big production number that didn't work for me because it wasn't absurd enough. That's the only way that would have worked. Not that it would have enhanced the brand. And the Burger King creeps me out. See the posts several below this one for more on that.

ABC gets bad marks for poor audio in pregame. The whole Stevie Wonder thing was VERY poorly executed.

I don't mind Michaels and Madden, but the rest of the crew prove to me, the superiority of FOX when it comes to football.

Mick Jagger and the Stones had a slightly better audio mix than Stevie et. al. but not by much. Mick - at his age - is amazing in his energy. That alone was the show.
I can't believe it would have been that hard to get the job done better in this age of digital consoles with memory settings. There WAS a rehearsal, wasn't there?

The Superbowl is as much about its own self-serving hype as it is a championship. Too bad.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Last night when I went to take the dog out, there was a off-road go-cart sitting at the end of our walk with a note on it from our neighbors. Basically, the note said their son was ill, he wouldn't miss it, and that Terri and I should go have a good time today!

We sure did! We went all over the back of this development which is closed for reconstruction of roads and lot sitings, etc. We went everywhere! I was 14 again. At 14 I would have given anything for such a vehicle!

What wonderfully generous neighbors!

And to prove our good fortune, after miles and miles of off road, we ran out of gas only 100 feet from their driveway as we returned the Scorpion (the brand name.)

Friday, February 03, 2006


Did you ever take a test when after you scanned it you got THE SINKING FEELING that you were LOST, just absolutely LOST? I have. That partly explains my 5 years of college in 4 years. The fifth year, summers, all... were in retaking courses I flunked, and in courses for my new major after my initial one proved, uh, not for me.

Today I got THAT SINKING FEELING once more... my internet-marketing-advisors website build is stalled between two service/program providers, neither of which are what I want, exactly, and I don't have the ability to modify their code. (Why?) Because it doesn't reside on my computer - it's on the server, and I'm afraid to go mess with that.

So I E mail the 'customer service' and wait and wait.

There's so much wrong that I can't fix.

I've taught myself many tricks of HTML source code and can usually figure out what needs to be edited. So that boosts my confidence AND frustration when I can't futz the darn margins, content, forms, images, etc.

Soon though. I will not be beaten.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH - what I'd like to hear.

First of all, I'd like someone other than Bush to deliver it.

"My fellow Americans, this isn't going to be a usual speech. I am required to give a report to the nation and I will, but I'll go beyond that.

The state of the nation is this: we can do better. We are politically and ideologically split. Not to side with either point of view, but we have to get some business done and it's going to take compromise. If you don't see it being done, then I insist it's your duty, my fellow Americans, to vote for new faces. Maybe THEY can come to terms.

We have a lot going for us. We are a nation called a melting pot. Why can't the ideas melt, and then harden into forward thinking that serves us all? Let's end the special interests and get back to basics. Fix them, and a lot of good will follow. Once we have those things running smoothly, we might have some time for what fell between the cracks. This will take some faith, and you'll have to extend your belief that your representatives will get the job done. If not, vote them out.

To that end: No more campaign contributions. Running for office is a business. It's a corporation. A time waster. No more. The FCC will grant all candidates equal time on the nation's airwaves. Let radio and TV squawk about it - they'll really be squealing about lost revenue. But it's time for a change and that's one. Use the internet. That's two.

And this will make industry squeal, but no more lobbying. I mean it. If anyone lobbies congress and we find out about it, the White House will publish a weekly list. Vote the lobby targets OUT. Let's let the congress use its conscience and not the 'thinking points' provided by all the industries.

Let's apply our best thinking to the greatest good and then get that done before we move on. Oh, this will require sacrifice and change and that scares people. But look back at the founding of America. We've been through hard times before and now we have to seize the moment and build momentum in the right direction, instead of stalling down in the inertia of special interests.

Let's see how good we can be. Don't your children deserve that effort?

Oh, and from now on, no more cushy jobs for EX-congressmen because they still have influence and access. When you're out, you are out. Go back to real life.

God Bless America. We have a lot to do. Now let's get it done!"



They made, according to press reports, more than 20 revisions to the State of The Union speech. Now already, they are 'clarifying' what Bush said isn't really exactly what he meant. That 75% reduction in middle east oil imports by 2025 wasn't really aimed at them.

How many people do you think look at that speech and comb it for possible problems?

In the paper today was an explanation (by someone who didn't want his/her head chopped off, so no attribution: something like 'he said what he said so the average Joe would get it, but it didn't mean specifically what he said.'

Ah, credibility. Or is it now credihillbillity?