Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Sad but happy.  An end of a long run.  We remain friends, but are better apart.
We are going out to dinner to celebrate the good times. No, not at Luby's (cafeteria) but at a nice steak place.

Catching up on stuff below: some grass grew.  I started a second patch.  It grew.  But now they forecast frost and I will stop as it should go dormant or die.  I figure at least ten patches to do, one at a time, for watering purposes.

I was having bad keyboard lag, where my typing gets ahead of the computer screen.  Replacing the keyboard seems to have solved that despite the other failed remedies I tried.

Bought a new smoke detector to replace the one which I feel was responsible for the falsing, perhaps due to dust. Now I have to go way up the ladder and try to make it fit... it's high on a high wall.

Received the Moose Antlers I bought to cut down for Chester.  The first cut was apparently too large for him, too wide.  I just cut him a smaller piece and he's liking that one.  For a dog that chews as much as he does (with such dedication) he has happily avoided the furniture or anything like carpet, etc.  Good dog!

Starting to plan a Christmas letter (posted here, not sent through the mail) - this might be the latest I have started to write.  Without Terri to please I can go a little farther into fantasyland.  Stay tuned.