Friday, May 27, 2011


It has happened twice now.

After washing some windows, I left the bucket with some solution in it in the garage for the next round.

It's a big bucket and it had maybe four inches of soapy water in it.

Both times I later found a dead mouse floating in what had become a very stinky soup.

Mickey and Minnie's last bath is a sad memory.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Over the past little while my voiceover business has brought a real wide variety of jobs:
narrating the celebration of a man's life; and intros and outros for a weekly church podcast. I played a proud, tall, Norse BEAR in a videogame, voiced a local pharmacy advocacy project, a tire safety piece for the Texas DOT, a narration about lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and a pitch for a security company trying to sell its system in Argentina. Small world.

I love doing voice work.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Is overdue but we'll cut slack for it's only 7 minutes. So far.

We didn't realize it, but our carpeted areas have self-dirtifying carpet of a light color which shows off that feature really, really well. The carpet stretcher man said the only recourse to clean carpets is clean white socks. But I won't go shoeless full time. I am not turning Japanese.

The guys come in with a water heater and Tim-Allen modified sucker in a truck. They spray hot water with special sauce into the rug then wait a few seconds and suck it back out. This is a lot like a salary and taxes.

I think the world that created the Zamboni can do a better job. There should be whirling brushes, though come to think of it, I have never seen a street sweeper work well, even with its wire brushes spinning.

But we need more than squirt and suck.

By the time all dries completely, they are gone, and at that time you get to see how those special places will remain shrines to where the doggie rubbed the medicine we put into the her ear, or the spilled tea episode.

Oh - and the upsell is "Want Scotchguard with that?" No. We have posted a no-bagpipe warning at the door!


I had hoped to have my new IPad 2 and even IPhone 5, though that one was more a silent prayer while using my hated Blackberry.

The IPad 2 is supposed to arrive at the reseller this Friday. They said that about last Friday too.

The IPhone 5 is delayed, says Apple pundits.

Meanwhile I must have mellowed some, as I am not so frantic to get the new toys as I might have been once upon a time. Hard to believe, but the Patience Institute has lowered my world ranking to 1,225,068.