Friday, March 18, 2011


...and may explain why Japan allowed reactor essentials to be placed in vulnerable-to-tsunami locations. With all the nuclear reactors in the world now (not to mention bombs), can't you expect something very, very bad to happen eventually?

Several weeks ago, Terri and I were on PCH - the Pacific coast highway, driving on vacation from Los Angeles to just north of San Francisco. The road is challenging and yet beautiful, rising to about 1200 feet above the ocean, and you are essentially driving without guardrail at the edge of a cliff in earthquake territory.

A week or so later, the very road we drove fell... down.

Here in Texas, the weather has turned warm, and the first squashed snake-in-the-street has appeared. It makes you wonder how many others there are, and where, as some are venomous... but, ignorance is bliss.

Monday, March 07, 2011


Terri looks for whales from our deck in San Simeon

Our tree house in Big Sur

The view from our waterfront room/deck in Sausalito, looking back toward SF.

Muir Woods (no relation)

We just enjoyed a wonderful week of Terri-planned vacation. She's great at this! We flew to LA then drove up to beyond San Francisco, stopping for a night or two along the way.

By the way, it hailed on us for about 15 seconds in LA and also snowed while we visited with my great friend, Howard. The snow lasted maybe a minute. This was in Sherman Oaks.

Everything seemed compressed in CA. compared to TX. I swear their traffic lanes are not as wide as elsewhere, and at one point, heading toward the Golden Gate bridge, some yahoo in a panel truck came within inches of sideswiping our rental car.

I will throw several pictures from the phone onto this. A new phone with much better resolution is about a month away.

Big Sur was as incredible as we remembered it (Post Ranch). Sitting about 1200 feet above the ocean, it's incredibly romantic.