Friday, July 22, 2011


I am waiting for a script revision so that I can record it. My client DID say "in the morning" but his morning and mine may be different. I am grateful for the work, whenever it comes.

Recently I found out that one of the games I have done a character for has 20,000,000 players (online, not all at once.) I get a real kick out of doing these things which have some kind of wide play. You never know WHO will hear you.

While thinking about business, I think it's almost time to redo my demos (strings of short samples of different approaches to similar work.) Why redo them? Maybe it's the belief that new stuff is always better. The urge to tinker. Freshen. Show-off.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The story takes place with a 'live chat.'

User Bob_ has entered room

Analyst has entered room

Analyst Mattew has entered room

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Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:12:54 CDT 2011)>
Hello! Thank you for choosing Road Runner Internet Technical Chat Support. My name is Mattew, how may I assist you?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:13:18 CDT 2011)>
Hello. My friend in Tennessee has tried numerous times to send me emails and they never make it nor do they bounce back to him.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:13:34 CDT 2011)>
Could it be the isp is blocked?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:13:56 CDT 2011)>
Can you be more specific with the issue?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:14:03 CDT 2011)>
I don't receive emails he sends me.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:14:23 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:14:30 CDT 2011)>
I can help you with that.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:15:17 CDT 2011)>
Are you using Web mail or Email client(outlook)

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:15:35 CDT 2011)>
I use Windows Live Mail.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:15:53 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:16:32 CDT 2011)>
Are you able to send a mail?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:16:40 CDT 2011)>
Yes. He gets mine.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:16:59 CDT 2011)>

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:17:00 CDT 2011)>
This is only from this fellow.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:17:25 CDT 2011)>
And it seems rather recent, as in several days to a week now.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:17:31 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:18:23 CDT 2011)>
Please send a test mail to your self and check it once.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:19:15 CDT 2011)>
Works fine. This is only from that one person.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:19:34 CDT 2011)>

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:19:46 CDT 2011)>
I get many emails all day - but his have stopped when he uses

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:19:57 CDT 2011)>
When he uses webmail I get them.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:20:44 CDT 2011)>
Can you please login to the webmail.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:21:01 CDT 2011)>
I don't know how and don't really want to, either.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:21:47 CDT 2011)>
It may be blocked in your junk mails in your web mail.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:22:46 CDT 2011)>
You aren't quite following me. I use Windows Live Mail. When HE sends emails to me, I haven't been receiving them UNLESS he uses webmail as his source. When he doesn't, I don't receive them (but I used to.)

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:23:11 CDT 2011)>
They are not in Junk mail. I receive emails on three devices, so it's not 'my computer.'

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:23:50 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:24:01 CDT 2011)>
Please give me a moment.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:24:13 CDT 2011)>
I keep emailing him (which he receives) saying I don't see your answers to my questions - he responds that he's repeatedly sent them.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:26:59 CDT 2011)>
Please mark the "leave a copy on the server".

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:27:20 CDT 2011)>
Let me know the results once you have done with that.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:27:28 CDT 2011)>
And WHERE would I do that?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:28:10 CDT 2011)>
I will help you with that.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:28:25 CDT 2011)>
Please give me a moment.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:32:46 CDT 2011)>
Please give me some more time to resolve this issue.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:32:56 CDT 2011)>
isps sometimes block other isps. Can you check if his is blocked and if so can you unblock for me?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:36:50 CDT 2011)>
Please open accounts tab-> Properties-> Advanced tab.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:37:17 CDT 2011)>
You can find the "leave a copy on the server".

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:38:19 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:38:39 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:41:24 CDT 2011)>
Let me know whether you can receive the mails from the person in webmail?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:41:31 CDT 2011)>

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:42:40 CDT 2011)>
He has two computers. His BUSINESS computer is the one from which emails have stopped coming TO ME. As far as I kinow, only to me. His laptop uses webmail and I get them, just like always.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:43:43 CDT 2011)>

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:44:33 CDT 2011)>
He does not receive 'undeliverable' notifications.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:45:32 CDT 2011)>
... which leads me to wonder if TW has blocked his ISP?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:46:55 CDT 2011)>
Can I access your computer remotely?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:47:05 CDT 2011)>

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:47:16 CDT 2011)>
To do what?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:48:09 CDT 2011)>
So that I can check were the problem is?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:48:07 CDT 2011)>
It isn't my computer. It's my Blackberry and my IPad also... all of which used to get his messages.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:48:24 CDT 2011)>
I am uncomfortable allowing you access.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:48:42 CDT 2011)>

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:48:49 CDT 2011)>
Please give me a moment.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:56:01 CDT 2011)> (Almost 8 minutes later)
Thank you for your patience.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:56:53 CDT 2011)>
TWC does not block any isp.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:58:38 CDT 2011)>
How ever there would be a problem in the settings of your friends please ask him to delete his junk mails.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 14:58:56 CDT 2011)>
I will. What else?

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 15:59:51 CDT 2011)>
That's it. it works if you delete the junk mail blocks.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 16:00:25 CDT 2011)>
Is there anything else I can help you with?

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 15:00:40 CDT 2011)>
No. Thank you.

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 16:01:26 CDT 2011)>
My pleasure chatting with you.

Bob_(Wed Jul 13 15:01:30 CDT 2011)>
So you are saying HIS junk mail settings blocks HIM sending ME an email? (The answer was Yes.)

Mattew(Wed Jul 13 16:01:35 CDT 2011)>
For more information about the products and services offered by Road Runner, you can visit this link anytime to get more help and knowledge : and check for online tutorials, FAQs and more details about Road Runner features.

And our story ends with no resolution. Have a nice day!

Thursday, July 07, 2011


I may have contracted HYPE FEVER while doing voicework demos. This is a condition whereby the voice rises and you shout things like "BUT WAIT!" And swallow then regurgitate words like AMAZING, CALL NOW, LIMITED TIME OFFER and you gurgle up exclamation points like a babe on strained peas.

I am unsure what the cure is. Deep breathing, maybe. I'll try that. Pray for me.