Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was there.

I've found and put up for you to hear some of the fun that was the creed at BOB 100 FM in Minneapolis 1993-1997 or so.

Back then there was more opportunity to build what some called a "Stationality" - the personality of the station.

I was hired to get this brand new station on the air. When I began there was no staff, no studio - nothing - and this was no cookie cutter, though we did have the counsel of wise people like Jaye Albright and even, originally, Randy Michaels.

We did it right. We did it right on the air and we did it right with really good marketing and contesting. We had the world's Best Ever slogan: TURN YOUR KNOB TO BOB. Soon after we launched, if you said BOB somebody might well answer, "Turn your knob to BOB." We ran really good TV.

We had only the best billboards and they were all what you'd call "lit supers."
The Billboard said Turn Your Knob To Bob

Anyway, this might make you smile. CLICK HERE!


Yesterday we had snow. Big flakes. Second-highest accumulation in 19 years. AN INCH.

The local TV stations had people out reporting on wet roads. Oooooo. TEAM COVERAGE of wet roads since there was nothing to talk about. IT MELTED.

All they could do is point to freezing overnight and wring their reporter-hands.

Today it's 50+, there's a refugee patch of snow hiding in the mulch, fighting its genetic predisposition to wet itself.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


How cool to sit about 40 feet away from multi-grammy award winner Ray Benson in a local bar (owned by Willie Nelson's former now-deceased road manager) and enjoy the music and friendliness. We asked a woman if she was saving the whole table she and her guy were sitting at and she graciously welcomed us to sit with them.

We'll be back.


Photo via phone.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I suppose he had to say what he did. Cynics and critics are saying 'it was all staged.' Well, yeah. What did you expect?

What interests me is how little I care. I wonder why? I admit a general interest to see how these "Mea Culpa" moments are "handled." Even with that professional curiousity, I just cannot crank much enthusiasm for Tiger - I simply don't care.

I sure don't know about these things personally, but, after seeing the photos of his mistresses, with maybe two exceptions, I would have thought he could do much better.

Mom, trying to be supportive, said 'he didn't do anything illegal...' well, nice, Mrs. Woods, but just sit down please.

Anybody see any similarities between M. Jackson and Tiger? (Controlling parent, major talent, lost youth...?)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Or maybe they go away sooner - whatever the case, we seem to have hit the timeline when our house is requiring attention to appliances and minor this or thats which must be fixed for us to live a sane life. Example: one of the three zone heaters has begun to groan.

Today is a double whammy - I will be trapped in the office by the cleaning crew who have been absent a month, due to their cycle and our vacation timing.

And the appliance guy is scheduled to be back. I can write here that I think he's a talky know-it-all. He authorized a replacement under warranty for the refrigerator compressor without even knowing that was the problem (and we since found out, it wasn't.)


Yes, I am.

This guy, in my non-professional opinion, has issues. And he's the boss of the repair service. Today he will 'repair' the dish washer and the outdoor grill. I feel compelled to keep a close eye on him as I don't entirely trust him. That means I must endure his boasts. Successful repairs or not, we won't be calling on him again. You might well ask WHY we let him back this time - simple - he's got the parts we need and we don't want to go through the process from the start again.

Update ++++

The guy wasn't quite as unsufferable as I expected, but still... example - I brought out the vaccuum cleaner 'Do yourself a favor and get rid of that right away...'

The outdoor grille, which he complained about and complained about (poorly made, bad angles for installing burners, etc. - was actually a quick and easy fix.

The dishwasher is luder than ever (and the issue was noise.)

The refrigerator is marginally noisier.

I seriously doubt either of these could be fixed beyond what has happened. Might have to replace the dishwasher eventually as it's annoying.

Meanwhile, the igniter on the built-in stove has gone out on one side ('need a new module,' and it's in the back, and due to the ducting, piping, etc, estimated at about $400-500!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BACK TO... winter?

Don't know what the temperatures were last week in the Dutch West Indies, other than 'perfect.'

Back home now, it's another El Nino day - wet and cool... hovering around 41 degrees (average at this time of the year is a high of 64.)

We have shivered while watching the snow in the north and northeast. Thankyewverymuch but our dues are PAID IN FULL. Our two years in Syracuse topped all with yearly record totals of 176 and 192 inches. Add in Minneapolis, Buffalo, Montreal, etc., we are done with snow.

Monday, February 08, 2010


After the jet lag works off - still feel it today - I thought I'd post some details of our trip to St. Martin, But for now - the highly anticipated Superbowl ads, reviewed by our panel of me.

I loved the Doritos ad where the dog slips his anti-bark collar on the guy who was teasing him, then barks. It was simple, cleanly executed, and very funny.

The Google ad was extremely clever and creative, telling a story through searches. Well done. Again, clear, and all this in a complete demonstration of how the service works. A+

Letterman and Leno with Oprah: wonderful. Taking full advantage of the buzz surrounding both L and L, the ad could have been for any of the three. Again, simple, clever and funny.

Of course there were many which were clever, though some lost their message in the intricacy or the gag.

Motorola's Megan Fox (bathtub) was very funny, though I thought it lost a little PRODUCT focus. But funny. I loved the guy up the ladder asking his buddy if he was stabilizing the bottom all the while the bud was watching the phone video, and the ladder goes down.

COKE's sleepwalker was great.

Hyundai's TEN YEARS ad with Brett Farve - great!

Hotel Hell was ok. The LONG VERSION (about 14 minutes.) The :30 renewed our love for the Griswolds, but not much else. Little sponsor memorability.

I've never liked the hint of porn on the GoDaddy spots (though they probably DO drive countless geeks to the website which is the point.) They just seem cheesy, not even sexy.

TruTV (groundhog) - honorable mention.

And there was one more I loved, but cannot remember it today which disqualifies it. I remember saying "this is VERY well done." But gone today. Hey, what's a couple million dollars wasted?