Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I realize I haven't blogged on this blog for a while. I have several others and I'd like to keep them all juggled, but since I have a nagging feeling that only a very exclusive (read: small) audience checks this out, I don't feel a ton of enthusiasm to write more often. Also, FACEBOOK in many cases seems like ego-static, so I guess that makes a blog an ego-thunderstorm. LOOKITME! LOOKITME!

I miss having that great ego extension of a radio station which I would program. Even though you aren't as necessary as you think you are, it feels like you are, and this emanation is controlled by you. An aside: I once argued with a troublesome talent who claimed I was a control freak. 20 years later I can admit he was correct in that regard. I wanted the station to be perfect. Later I realized that it CAN'T BE PERFECT, that people are who they are and the best you can hope for is THEIR best, and to, well, lighten up.

I think I take things too seriously. I also think I swing to nonsensically. This throws most people. Polar opposites? With icecap melting?

Enough introspection!

It seems the Armadillo I trapped, drove away and released, is back, or his relative is. I have reset the trap and THIS ONE, if I catch it, will get the free ride after I mark its shell with magic marker. If it comes back down the road, makes it back those 7 miles... I might have to use Fedex or Remmington/Winchester to dispatch it upon the third visit.

We have been visited by deer lately - they're always around but two Bambis and Mom have been on our property several times. And Rabbits Galore!

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