Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'd write 'the future' but that's not really true.

I just loaded my first APP.

No, we don't have IPhones... we have Blackberries. I was satisfied with my last phone but when Terri needed a Blackberry and the deal was two for one, well, why not?

Yes, I envy the IPhone people but the Verizon deal is better when you have two phones on the same account. Better coverage too? Or is that an urban myth? Yes, some of the apps look great and I LOVE the IPhone larger screen. Maybe someday. But for today, how can you beat free?

Seems that somewhere along the line, the Blackberry people made apps more attractive, or I was lost from the start - unsure which, but I just looked through hundreds of apps which came up clear (though small on the BB screen.)

I loaded a stopwatch. It was time.

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