Monday, June 21, 2010


Sez the song. And true it is! This computer's days are numbered. Seems to have issues which registry cleaning, etc., along with lots of anti-virii cannot solve. Plus it's old.

If dog years are people years times 6 or 7, then a computer age must be people age x 20, don't you think? This computer, by that measure, is... 140.

It isn't the $$$ that keeps me from running right out, it's trying to get updated versions of all the programs. And deciding which we HAVE TO HAVE and which to let go forever. A computer (for me) is like a crowded closet that you don't have to look into... everything is there where you left it. Deciding what to throw out is painful, and I KNOW I'll throw away the ONE or DOZEN programs I have to have afterwards.

When it's too late.

Will an i5 do it? Will I miss XP?

Looks like at $699 you get a lot for your money.

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