Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am once again BLOWN away by APPLE. Specifically, the Apple Store, which today was crowded. I've ordered an IPAD 2 from another seller (soon to arrive) and thought I'd go the the company store for a cover and adapter. I was greeted and handed off to an associate who took me to their accessories and took what I needed from the display, then whipped out a device (maybe an Iphone with attachment? - It wasn't much bigger than that but it had a slot for card swiping, which he did. He then sent me the receipt by email and I was on my way, amazed at the ease of the transaction.

I then went up the road to another retailer of electronics - the one with 80+ check outs, lines, etc. where I paged through an IPAD for Beginners magazine... holy smoke, this device really IS a game changer in so many ways. I am excited.


Karl Ireland - in Dallas said...

That's interesting!

I have gone to the Northpark Apple location twice now, and I too am amazed at their efficiency & responsivness.

The other store I like, that I'm guessing you also went to was Frys? It is my favorite place to shop!

Bob Wood said...

Yup, Fry's.

I could drop a lot of $$$ there, buying stuff I don't need.