Tuesday, April 24, 2012


How can something so cute and wonderful turn into a monster just like that?  Not that the change is on purpose - it's instinct or hormones or that leaf or that electric cord or that tempting rabbit turd.  Yes, our little Chester is "willful."  Somehow I think this is karma coming back in a feedback loop to me.  Of course, our pup is only 8 weeks and some days old, so hopefully at some point he'll actually want to be on a leash, stop eating carpet and turn into the doggie love machine we hope for.

Last night, on duty for the 2AM trip outside, I found the widdle boy had launched diarrhea in and out of his crate and after doing the potty encouragement visit outside  (a beautiful night, btw), I then proceeded to clean it all up.  Walking through the house in the dark I managed to accidentally kick a wall with the foot on which my big toe was effectively sewn back on a few years back.  It still acts up.  Yowtch!

But then you get a hug and all is good.

Here he is in the crate, dreaming of rabbit turds.

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