Monday, October 22, 2012


Random half sentences and things:

"like claiming "the cigarette lighter fell out and started a seat fire" could be the best defense for erratic driving..."

My dog has big teeth.

It hit me at a low level, like being ankle pecked by ducks.

He had a look like you'd expect on a constipated man.

Her hair blew in the breeze like spun cotton candy.

The remote control was so hard to understand, nobody would ever know when the thing stopped working.

A wooden clothes pin is the thumbtack to the past.

Did they tune the sound of a strike?  Did they figure a way to make that hit on those pins to sound so fulfilling, like a brief orgasm?

I would like a job where they pay me to do this all day.

The vulture actually landed on his car's hood and its talons scratched right up.  That's the moment when he started to believe the voices he'd been hearing in his head.

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