Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I feel the weight of Sante Fe pictures to process to stick down below. Since then we went back to Gruene, Texas, where I got more good shots. Here's the problem... since you CAN adjust and crop, you do, then you resize the huge picture to fit the small size on the blog, and it eats time. I've been busy - with guests - and with business.

I have Blog-guilt: the pressure to post daily! Great. Another tic.

I am afraid to look at the visit counter - bet I am down to zero.

I have a review coming out in Ultra Audio on October 1st if you are an audiophile. Look for the AUDIENCE equipment review. (That's a brand.) www.ultraaudio.com At least you can see I am still writing.

By the way, politicos, I believe BUSH just snuck a free pardon for himself and admin officials post term just in case. It's deep within a bill. We are SO screwed. The Constitution is being shredded by this clown and his circus.

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