Sunday, September 16, 2007


We've become huge fans of UT Football! We prefer to TiVo the games to cut out the commercials, halftime 'sportsdesk' blather, etc. The only hard part is avoiding the score till we watch. You'd be suprised how hard it is. In the case of UT vs UCF, we succeeded, and watched a few hours later aka post-actual-game-time. Having been burned before, I know that games run long and so I tack an extra hour onto the scheduled stop time.

Yesterday's contest was close - too close for comfort! But fun to watch. Then they had a 15 minute lightning (in the area) delay. No problem! I've got a whole hour buffer.

I kept track of the game time vs. recording time. Almost a constant, I had 4 times the remaining game time recorded. That ratio held nicely... until...

Remember the clock stops on incomplete passes, etc.

UT went ahead, built up a cushion, and it seemed they had wrapped it up, but then UCF came back uncomfortably strong... and my recording ran out with 50 seconds (and I believe 2 UCF timeouts) remaining.

No orgasm of winning! All doubtful unknowing. Luckily we were two minutes away from live TV sports in local news... and UT held on for another win.

Our team must improve seriously or there are some big troubles coming our way.

If they could just keep the players from being arrested, that'd help!

Thanks to Ryan Morris for correcting me - initially I had the wrong competitors as you can read in his comment. Sorry, Ryan! The followup comment confuses me. Never could handle 3 initials anyway. Is Miami of Ohio MOO?


Ryan Morris said...

Hey Bob, I stumbled onto your blog by dumb luck. Just wanted to correct you. UT played UCF (University of Central Florida) not FSU (Florida State). We are Knights, they are Seminoles, they played Denver. It was a good game and we were happy our new stadium got christened with a bang. We are the 6th largest University in the country so pay attention to us in the future (and don't underestimate our football team). Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

FSU played the University of Colorado, not Denver.