Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I never did buy a new car.

The very one I wanted - color, engine, accessories, etc., is hard to find. Maybe too popular? There's ONE 2009 with some accessories I don't want plus the ones I do - left anywhere (say the salesman, but I did get that from two dealerships.)

The cars offload at the port of Houston... they store them there until shipped out to the dealers throughout the south and midwest.

I know I lose bargaining power but, if my current car is any model, I'll have this one for ten years or more and want it exactly right.

The 2010s come out in June, or July, or August. Nice specifics, huh?

My car - in remarkably good shape I believe, is only worth $3500 on a trade, which means I have sqeezed about $50,000 out of it so far. I'll try to sell online - it's in good shape... drives well, etc. It could probably go another 100k miles on that engine, and it's been serviced at all intervals - actually - early on each of those. Major service (almost $3000) assures all should continue to work well. No rust. I really LIKE this car, but it's time. Or will be.

The price I got from the dealer was inflated. I am disappointed in them.

I may be forced to go to four or five dealerships (though would prefer local) and let them fight for my business.

I'm wary of brokers because you can't find their hidden agendas or associations.

And the whole car buying expereince has taught me how many BAD sellers there are working in car sales. They communicate poorly and don't listen well.

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