Thursday, April 02, 2009


I just got back from the local big food store. I wandered through the Easter candy aisles. Yes, aisles! This year we received sad news from my mother-in-law that the Milk Chocolate Covered Coconut Eggs at her local candy shop have been discontinued. Awk! And so I wandered the aisles. Did I find a suitable replacement? No. In fact, there are NO large eggs, no centerpieces of eggdom for baskets, both build-your-own or pre-assembled. What is this world coming to? The crap they now put into the little eggs! The multicolored peeps!

Crap: along with fillings I never heard of, there are what appear to be colored hard boiled eggs. They come in an egg tray. They contain... confetti! "No, no, Roberto, you don't eat... oh my god! He's gagging - quick - somebody help me!"

The perversion of all perversions: plastic wrapped pre-assembled baskets topped by... a BASKETBALL! I get the final four timing, but come on!!! At least little Roberto can't get his widdle mouth around it.

All the major candy brands are available in little eggs - Butterfingers, for example. And the HERSHEYS company is popping out eggs and kisses by the billions. You can get eggs of... bubblegum! Yuk. Poo.

Even the choco-rabbits seem smaller this year. Is this a response to the economy or just a pricing issue (keep small, charge less, fool people.)

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