Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Yup - on my hard drive. Of course I can't throw any out. Actually, I am slowly working through them, tossing some duplicates, but this must be a packrat disorder.

The solution may be to get another outboard drive and move it all there... where it can be joined by many many more since memory is so cheap!

In the attic we have a LARGE box of picture prints (remember those?) which we never look at - and I have videos over 20 years old I have shot and never watched.

It must be something about wanting to preserve life's moments.

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Ed Salamom said...

I'm likewise a packrat. I have tens of thousands of records and now cds. Most of which I moved from Pittsburgh to New York, they visted LA when I was putting Oldies KBZT San Diego on the air in 1978, back to NY and now to Nashville. Last move they weighed 98,000 pounds. Even though I listen to music all the time, I admit there are some I have never listened to. It just makes me feel good to have them.