Saturday, August 22, 2009


I didn't mean to get MYSELF a new phone, but for work, Terri needed to upgrade to a Blackberry so off to Verizon we went. There, on the wall, was a sign that said "Buy any phone get another one free" and somehow this related to the Blackberries. However, the clerk said no, we didn't qualify since we weren't at the end of our 2 year service agreement, and that buying the Blackberry would cost $430. We insisted that the sign was misleading, agreed that we might have to buy one outright since our term hadn't expired, but that should be a two-fer. He said no.

And so it went, back and forth.

The resolution: $250 total for two Blackberries, offset by two hundred dollar rebates.

You might think we WON big - and we did do considerably better than the way it looked initially, but they still will make about $840/yr in increased services to these two units so they can get email.

So I find myself in the new techworld - again.

Other than for voicework, where my agent must be able to reach me asap, I don't live a life where that immediate connection via email is crucial. Phone calls, yes; voicemail, yes. Texting or emails, I can wait until I am home at this keyboard. Or I could.

My hope is the thing has a better camera and better video than the last phone - that's where I am coming from. Too bad we don't have cows - I think this phone will do milking.

Yeah, those iPhones are way cool, but for $25, I'll use this thing. (Note: listen! You can hear the corporate laughter!)

To think that my father used to work for the telephone company, got free telephone service, but was always worried about abusing the system when we placed our annual Christmas call to the west coast relatives... the times, they sure have changed.

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JVIII said...

Great job! A victory by the consumer is rare. Deceptive advertising such as the bait and switch you described must be eliminated. Consumers who are not as wise and educated fall prey to these schemes. It is good to see someone still has the courage and energy to fight the system.