Sunday, October 03, 2010


I admit I am sorry to say Obama has disappointed. Maybe the system is broken with extreme partisanship wasting resources and time and money.

The polls show such a low regard for ALL politicians! The electorate just wants CHANGE fercryinoutloud. And that brings some strange people to the fore.

These guys and women in power must be nuts to think that dissatisfaction doesn't apply to THEM. They point to the other side and make noises as if the country wants their side to win and fix it all.

Ain't gonna happen.

I wonder if we'll see a coalition in the near future.

Will voter turnout sag (as in it's all hopeless, so don't bother) or will the frustration bring out many who want to be heard?

Locally, Governor Rick Perry is up against Bill White. I'd like to see White win, but his ads are SO bad! Perry's are just about perfect.

I am sorry to say that I think a lot of who wins has to do with their handlers, consultants, and of course - we all knew this - money. Say the wrong thing or waste a message, and you may be out of the game.

One of White's bad radio ads starts off with him talking about how he... a guy with such big ears... I guess they are trying to make him 'just folks.' Perry's, on the other hand, speaks about glowing accomplishments (real or imagined, but impressive.) For the masses, for the uninformed, they'll go with the guy who sounds like the winner. People love winners.

I think that without terms limits, without blocking lobbyists, without line item veto, we are close to sunk. And now there are also blatantly apparent idiots running for office while the ship of state is listing so badly.

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