Monday, May 14, 2012


Our dog is a rock star!  People driving by when we walk stop to see him.  People in Petsmart go nuts - it seems like everybody wants to pet him or hold him.  I don't know if it's puppyhood or being a Golden Retriever pup or what, but the dog has something going.

I saw it once before.  When I worked in Montreal, there was a sales guy I became friendly with - Louis Pasquin.  Louie in the mid 70s looked like Robert Redford at his good-looking-est.  Louie and I would go eat lunch together and the noisy restaurant/s would noticeably get quiet when we walked in.  Sadly, I know it wasn't MY appeal.  Louie was a rock star.  Women just melted.  Call it charisma or just exceptional good looks, but there was something happening - something foreign to my world.  (an aside: Louie was a kind heart too.  I am sorry we've lost touch as the winds of broadcasting blew me away.)

Come to think of it, I saw it in Pittsburgh, too.  Crowded bar.  Sexy secretary (from the radio station) had gone to the ladies room.  Someone had come over to talk to me and I said - you won't believe this, but there's a woman in the rest room and when she comes out, the room is going to react.  This was met with disbelief.  Then she came out.  And the noise level went immediately way down as she was being checked out.  A friend once spotted her ACROSS the stadium at 3 Rivers!  She had something magnetic.

Back to Chester.  He's growing like a weed.  It will be interesting to see if he outgrows this attention.

That's Hedgehog's butt, by the way.

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