Monday, August 05, 2013


The final CT scan as interpreted by the Neurosurgeon is I am 100% self-cured.  Nature took its course.  No surgery.

As  for the house and the renovations, they continue but we are down to the fix the fixes stage.  Little niggling things, but right is right.  And Mister Stereo is due to set up the speakers.  Most people can't understand why I'd hire a guy to come position the speakers.  Well, they need to be uncrated (are HEAVY) and the crates need to go away into Garage-exile when empty.  These speakers cost a LOT.  If you can't see hiring someone to find the exact placement (he sells them) you'd never buy the cost originally.  I've been an audiophile for a long long time, so trust me, this is a necessary step.

Last night I did something I've never done.  Pay per View.  On this particular movie's website I saw that they released it into theaters and certain ppv websites on the same day.  I was about to go to a theater when I explored the capabilities of my new DVD player and sure enough, it accesses ppv sites and the one which carried the film.  I believe the NY Times critic gave it 4 of 4 stars.  I gave it 1/2 star.  Oh well, at least I saw it (Europa Report).  Blah.

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