Thursday, August 08, 2013


Here's the future of supermarketing.  I can see it.  Let me share my vision:  First of all, it's all computer driven.  This allows the consumer to always make the best choices.

There'll be an app for this, where you enter a store's site and then specify all the parameters, example:  choose bread loaf by brand, by size, by cost, by freshness?  Well, you load the answers under your account and it can have price limits set by you, a whole bunch of parameters more easily finished than this sounds.  You can change any of it but you can also suspend certain things already entered  (don't want bread this order).  Bread on  Bread off.  Computers are networked, and the master brain can follow profit second by second.  In a real life lab store (one where they experiment with placement, color, what have you) the computer could be instructed to pull prices down here or there to see what stimulates people, to look for how that can extrapolated.

It's the future.

Commodity trading could be instantly reflected.  I should mention that all pricing is on little readouts.

Carts ride the aisles and using a system of magnets, items chosen flip into the basket.  You just pick it up and pay.  Or they deliver but I don't see this in my vision. As you drive up, just use the app to trigger your cart.  So there's this lineup of filled carts - which one's yours?  (There's your name on a readout but you are too far to read it) well the app actually will beep as you approach your cart, more beeps when you get closer, steady tone when you're there.  I think it's an rfid deal.

This system gives the marketer many variables to work with, even in real time, chain-wide.
 "Show me sales ranked per aisle and by placement on that aisle"  Are there undiscovered hot spots?
"Now let's look at it by high dollar shoppers," and there you go into the rabbit hole, but there are profits in that hole. Which is why it could happen.


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