Monday, January 20, 2014


It's beginning to look a lot like spring.  What's on my mind?  Getting some good gigs for the ol' Voicework. (NOT EASY!!  Lowballers and competitors!!!)  I've watched a few of the recent awards shows and even in my microscopic small way, feel a sense of comradeship with the men and women who are actors we all know and sometimes love (in our minds.)  I think of myself as a voice actor.  Why VOICE and not stage or whatever?  Bad memory.  I had such a hard time learning/memorizing the Latin responses I dropped out of Altar Boy School.  Certainly no brain diminishment back then, though I did play with a vial or mercury I had... I'd roll the stuff around my palm and just marvel at how it felt.  Got it from my Dentist.  Nowadays, the house I lived in would be razed and hazmatters would declare the neighborhood unsafe.

I would have done much better in school if I had a better memory.

These days Alice would go into the looking glass and instead of a mad hatter would find hazmatters.

Where IS wonderland these days?  Vegas would have you believe it's there, but I know it isn't.  And "America's Finest City" (San Diego) is subject to vast disparities in wealth. I saw for myself that people were living in camps of cardboard boxes in the valleys behind $600,000 condos... and that was in the 80s!  And traffic.  And coming: debris from Fukushima.  Maybe a little radiation for a few decades.

Has my point of view dulled?  I don't think so, I am just making a conscious effort to be a more open person, not feeling the need to crack wise at every opportunity.  This could be wisdom, maturity, or that subdural hematoma. Or an after-effect of meditation.

It doesn't always work.  Sorry to admit I unloaded on Time Warner locally today since the "truck roll" (in person tech visit) Friday, left me with exactly the same problem I had before the "fix" was applied. ABC and CBS... mostly unwatchable.  Audio and video dropouts.  I can even show on a signal strength meter that those channels are way down compared to the others.

Enough for now.  I frankly felt the Christmas letter below was largely unseen and a flop, so I haven't wanted to try to write.  But I will.  It's part of me.


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