Tuesday, January 28, 2014


But Raj, you cannot take an elephant through a carwash.  It just isn't done!  Now how do you propose to get him unstuck?

Sadly, Sarah turned to her constant companion, siri, and asked her to find what she could on suicide.'
Instead siri returned a search for siding, which saved the moment.

"I've been a capt'n on the seas for most of my life," he continued, as the parrot changed shoulders.  "I've seen calm and I've seen the god-awful furies and everything in between."  The seaman then screamed sailor's curses as the parrot tore off his right ear.

"Our company policy is, as a matter of fact, that we must deny your coverage as your qualifying clauses contain a prohibition which, in this case, applies.  There's nothing I can do.  I do hope you can find a way to remove the cement and truck from your pool."

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