Saturday, April 14, 2007


Over the years I've weaned myslef off of caffeine. Non-caffinated sodas, decaf coffee, little tea infrequently. Yeah, I know there's some in chocolate but I am blind to that because it's CHOCOLATE.

Today we went tot he Art Festival downtown. It's a good juried show (we even bought some art and are now culchured!) But it was windy and cool. Very windy at times. We sought warm liquid and bought regular leaded coffee.

I am fighting to keep the words true here as my buzz wants me to type faster and that leads to more mistakes and I'll just leave them for you to prove that this stuff ios the devil's brew. (Not bad, not too many misspellings.)

We stopped for lunch. I had tea. Anywhere in the South you get tea that isn't anything like the liquid they serve up north. I never could figure out why, but tea here means iced tea and it's brewed and always good. And has more caffeine to add to the coffee. I feel nervous and jittery. Like Barney Fife pointing his gun.

Anyway, whether or not it was caffeine-fueled or eye-inspired, we now have 3 pieces of cool art from an artist from Santa Fe. Here's what we got. I'd say each piece is about 8.5 inches square.

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