Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Gosh, I've been away but not even. Busy, yes. Absent, not.

Lots of good political rants sparking my brain, but I have yet to focus on how to say what I'd care to say. Basically, our freedoms as outlined in the constitution, have been trashed. You won't notice till it's too late. Meanwhile we fight for freedom elsewhere, in an undeclared war, where contractors appear immune to controls.

All the bad guys now sing the song of innocense. Implied is that they know what we don't. All of which remains hidden, if it exists, under the national security trashcan/vault.

Our 'war against terror' has generated more hate for the USA and more terrorists than it was supposed to stop.

Fraud over there is beyond all scale of comprehension.

The founding fathers of our country would NEVER have stood for what we've become. Now, to speak out is unpatriotic. Ironic, isn't it, that there was this REVOLUTIONARY WAR at the birthing of America!? Now, dissent is risky. The public, satieted by their Big Macs and cheeze whiz, have grown silent and complacent. The media has grown corporatized and what seems to be a lot less probing.

Exception: Keith Olbermann seems to speak his mind; I find I pretty much agree with him. (MSNBC 7-8PM Central.)

These are head-shaking days.

One thing I believe - it cannot stay this way - one way or another, change will come. I only hope we like what we get.

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