Thursday, October 04, 2007


Yesterday I discovered a stain which seems to be related to the toilet in the powder room (a room in which there is no powder - go figure!) The stain is a darkened section of the wooden floor. It's not in a shape of anything supernatural, which is too bad or it could pay for itself in donations from the faithful.

I know you think it stinks. It doesn't.

By bedtime I was worked up into a lather, blaming the only outside agent, our new cleaning people for having dropped some atomic cleaner residue, but even with that suspicion, it seemed an odd place for a stain in that shape. I tried Murphy's Wood Soap (no relation), Pledge, lots of Elbow Grease, hot water, nothing worked. It's as if the wood is stained from the inside of its fibers (fibres in Canada.)

Well, as it happens, today a floor expert happened by to quote on a patio tiling we are contemplating. Terri showed him the stain.

The suspect is the wax seal (but I can't explain no smell in this theory.) The wax seal doesn't eat wax fish... it seals the toilet from the, uh, outside world.

We won't know what's up till a plumber removes the toilet and we can see where the stain is coming from... if we DO, we'll fix it, then call the floor guy to come replace the strips of wood (no relation) under the commode before we reassemble.

Even a new house has fun for the owners. Gosh this is fun.

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