Friday, February 22, 2008


One man's weed is another man's obsession. That'd be me.

This year I vow to kick some serious weed-butt. Yesterday was the first attack.

Now you should know I've been the organic route, shoveling a good inch or so of compost to 'strengthen the turf' which would 'crowd out the weeds' - ha! I've used supplements to encourage biological activity. Ha! I used Round-up (Big mistake - bare patches of everything everywhere, but that was a few years ago and it's come back.)

I have literally pulled every weed by hand.

And now THIS spring I declare war. After a recent rain I thought I'd maybe get a propane torch - the grass is wet - and BURN the damn things out. Bonus: it sterilizes the soil. But that's a little too far over the obsessive/compulsive line (so far!)

Enter Lowes.

I decide to try three approaches in three areas. Winner takes all.

The trouble is, I can't find killer that's "safe for buffalo grass" or whatever perverted rhizome-laced crap is pretending to be what we had the landscaper put in.

All I get out of the knowledgeable is "that's really hrad to remove" when we get into specifics... me with a wilted leaf to show the expert behind the counter.

So here's what I did: three tries, each in its own area - crabgrass pre-emergent and death. Area 1.

Some spray that seemed safe for southern grasses and kills 250 weeds and clover in 8 hours.) Uh huh. Area 2.

And Corn Gluten, the natrual way of death. I spread enough to run an extended care facility for weeds. Maybe collect a government subsidy. Area 3.

Heck, if they pay farmers for NOT growing things, maybe I could collect for not growing grass.

The test has begun. Watered in. The rest of the acre and a half awaits the winner. This time, I'm SERIOUS.

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