Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Terri's VALENTINE ONE radar detector has had a problem lately, in that it sees ghosts. Beeping at anything, it wasn't easy to ignore.

Months later, I lept to the rescue.

Found their website - $45 to repair the Valentine One. Curious, doesn't have a list of prices, just one. I carefully pack and send it in.

Several days later it comes back, FedEx 2 day. Inside there's an invoice marked $0.00... and our check. "Oh great, I think, they couldn't fix it!" I look through the box more thoroughly, for an explanation - none.

So I called their 800 number and inquired. "They just replaced all the guts" said the operator. No charge. No even for 'shipping and handling!'

And that, is what we call Exalted Customer Service on a superior product by a company that really stands behind its product. Does this happen anywhere else? Do pigs fly?

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