Thursday, February 14, 2008


Blind as they come without my glasses, I find I look pretty good in the post-shower mirror when not wearing them. It's the effect of looking through a distortion powerful enough to ignore what eating donuts and gravity have conspired to do to me.

I keep remembering Jack Palance at some awards show doing one-handed pushups (to show he was tough and vital.) I also read that in training for one of her movies, Demi Moore could do them too. I do - by actual count - 1000 pushups a week and couldn't come close to a one hander.

I think it's midlife crisis. I CAN say that putting tone to the bod is really hard the older you get. Actually, I remain convinced that I am not getting older, just that everyone else seems to be younger.

So, I am blind, showerside, dry. My baldness itches. We've been though a period of low humidity in Austin recently. Terri told me there was lotion for me, and since this little bottle of 'copped-from-the-hotel' had been on my sink area for months, I globbed it into my hands, hands to head. Rub-a-dub.

Something wasn't right.

I squint (like Clint Eastwood?) and read the contents. Hair conditioner. Not skin creme. (As useless as it would be on a bowling ball!) I mutter, remove, mutter, itch, scratch.

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