Friday, November 14, 2008


New friends - Andro (he's Dutch), and his wife, Allison, introduced me to a "house concert" which took place at an incredible venue last night. The concept is that folk music (though apparently not limited to that) enjoys somewhat of an underground audience, and that certain places - private homes or whatnot - are volunteered to bring the artist to the people. All the money at the door goes to the artist --- refereshments' generated donations to a charity.

It's really all about the purity of the music, and sharing.

So last night we found ourselves driving (too fast, I know, me at the wheel) over the backroads of Wimberly, Texas, to Blue Rock Studio, which turns out to be an incredible home/venue/studio. Here's the link - I encourage you to take the video tour! (choose: facility/video tour)

Most of the audience had been there before, as indicated by a show of hands. (So easy to see why!) I'd estimate the venue - a large hall (see the video!) holds about 120. The studio is a million dollar plus showcase. They video the shows with 3 cameras, and record audio by tielines into the studio control room.

The artist performing was highly touted, but I had never heard of her. In a word, she was GREAT. I'll link to her site and suggest you watch and listen to Don't Work With Your Friends. For another side, see the A&E video.

Susan Werner is witty. Between the songs (and even in some of them) it was all shared fun. But that's not to suggest she's one dimensional at all - some of her songs were so sensitive and wise! Here's her site.

I am humbled in the presence of such talent.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, we were playing Susan Werner at the Cafe 105.7 out of Eden Prairie several years ago! She is great!

Carolyn Peterson