Sunday, March 15, 2009


As Terri put it - this is where you can buy all the stuff your grandmother threw out.

It's billed as "World's Largest" or some such piece of antique-hype. It was one section of the convention center. Terri bought a bracelet and purse. I bought nothing.

It's amazing to me how many used boots are for sale. I think it'd be weird to wear someone else's shoes - maybe that's a product of being an only child? They look cool, I give them that.

If the boots are the high point, I snapped a picture of the lowest point, the tables full of cloth. Some were aprons, the rest I couldn't tell you.

The event was maybe half garage sale but really half collector/dealers. Hey, here's antique marbles - 4 for $1. (They didn't look antique to me.) Over there are a couple CD and DVD collections. There's an ashtray made from Cadillac Wheel Covers. Old comic books. Plastic sealed baseball cards. Matchbox cars. Thimbles. Boxes and crates of wood (no relation). Posters. Belt Buckles. Dresses. Model trucks. A reel-to-reel German Magnetophone tape recorder with tape. Guitars. A Cheerleader megaphone. Barbie dolls. Knives. Jewelry. Stamp collections. A pair of deer antlers, mounted. Books. Glassware. A red bowling ball. License plates from 1973.

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