Thursday, March 05, 2009


I exercise. But that's all muscle stuff. I need cardio, and I know it. A neighbor is into biking our development, which is large enough with enough hills and lite traffic to make it ideal. Some of the hills, though, are sure killers. (Biking is big locally but all are so thin and young and IN SHAPE)

When we lived in San Diego, oh, 20 years ago, I'd go out for about an hour a day on my ancient bike. I liked it.

In Minneapolis we bought new bikes and went out a few times, but we had to load up the bikes and drive to the lakes and then unload and it was a bit of a production. Here, not working very often, I have the time and place and (we'll see) motivation.

So today I got the bike off the wall and struggled to fill the tires with air - none of our three pumps seemed to fit the tiny eurofricking-nozzle. Finally, after much jiggling, I got air into the tires. Next I will try to find appropriate stuff to wear and try to fit into my biking shoes (yes, we even went that far, and I subsequently fell over, unable to get the shoes unclamped from the pedals - but that was years ago.) Today I was sucking air after fighting with the pumps. Just going down and up our 300 foot long driveway should preview the next adventure.

I definitely have some inertia to overcome.

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