Monday, March 09, 2009


When you see me in a Spandex shirt, you'll know I feel great about this Biking Thing. Until then, t-shirts.

Fell off once yesterday - well, that's not exactly right. The bike went off the road at a pitch up; I couldn't downshift before I lost all momentum. My shoes were locked in the pedals and slowly, over I went.

Today I powered up the driveway and the first up slope combined with a powered pedalling, lifted the front off the ground quite a bit, and there was no way to keep pedalling. This time I wasn't locked in and could put a foot down.

Amazingly, even having only two hours into this, hills are easier than day 1. The development here has hills that will make legs quiver and any sane person DRIVE. If ever I can get over to the west entrance and back, I will then be indestructable and will star in the next comic book superhero movie.

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