Sunday, November 01, 2009


After 10 years of service, it seemed a good time to replace my car, a 1998 Audi A6. I test drove the 2009 version, but decided to await the 2010 version - said to be the same as the 2009, with less immediate depreciation. I ordered one.

I should write I feel I had to do all the work and push the dealership (Roger Beasley, here in Austin) into ordering one for me. That was - maybe 6 weeks ago.

Friday, a salesman called, "YOUR CAR IS HERE!" "When do you want to pick it up?" I said, well, Saturday afternoon. We had to get the check, etc. After a while he called back - "Oh, sorry, it's not your car. We thought it was, then uncovered it..." "Where's MINE?" "Probably at the port (of Houston)."

And that's the care you get for north of $50,000.

Terri's INFINITY purchase (the car, not unlimited time) has been so much smoother, and we expect to have it next week. They have held her hand through the process.

Her Jaguar is still in service. (Charles Maund Jaguar) seem to have different stories each call - and there have been a batch of them. They claim to have the parts, and suggest they'll be done in a few days. Their whole demeanor has been strange. We think they are perhaps responsible for the engine damage under repair, since their earlier repairs failed within miles. And they never came up with the new Jag they wanted to let her drive while hers was in service.

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