Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It could be me. Trauma has changed my perception, maybe? Or the weeks I sat imprisoned in that chair with my foot up gave me more media time than in a normal life. But I don't think that's it.

It seems to this observer of the scene that there's more whining, more overreaction, LOUDER reaction than before. How you define before is hard to pin down, but I'd qualify it as "recently."

Example: there were media reports of how so many parents were wary of and would avoid the H1N1 vaccine. Then, in the media's blink of an eye, there seemed to be grave concern about the supplies being inadequate. Every day you see lines of people awaiting their dose. CDC officials exclaiming it's in the pipeline.

It's as if the VOLUME has been turned up on public issues.

Afghanistan: the president is deciding. The president is taking too long. The no-election there has amped up the need for a quick decision.

What happened to carefully thought out decisions, weighing all sides of an argument? And often there IS no absolute right, just a best guess, a calculated risk. One to be set upon by the opposition.

To me, the screech is growing louder. It is disconcerting. It's unreasonable.

Let's not even consider the health care debate - although debate might be too non-partisan a word.

President Obama was initially seen as taking on too much, now taking on too little - waffling - indecisive - a rookie.

Has the opposition to anything become more media savvy? Has the media dumbed down?

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