Tuesday, November 10, 2009


With apologies to the late Roger Miller's YOU CAN'T ROLLERSKATE IN A BUFFALO HERD...

I am conflicted about today's doctor appointment. I hope he'll remove the wires from my toes. I hope it will not be a painful visit. I'm not sure those two thoughts can be reconciled.

Tomorrow marks the six week anniversary-? of my accident. Here's am update: with the boot on, I can walk around, drive, climb stairs. Without it on I can't do weight bearing, except on my heel. It's awkward. I feel trapped.

The toes look swollen. One wire is starting to move - and that's supposed to be a good sign of impending removal. The Big Toe wire, however, seems to be permanent.

I am eager to move away from this event. X-Rays today may tell the tale.

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