Saturday, November 18, 2006


Weekly pool water test: Uh - Oh. First time since we had our pool built that the chlorine wasn't happening. It's a salt based chlorine generation system... breaks down the salt molecule into sodium and chlorine... via electricity. Nice. No smell. And very little salt is required. So I go to pool store for more salt. "No no," sez man... What's the count?
"You don't need salt - have you cleaned your generator?"
"You have to clean the generator."
"I do?"
"Yeah. When was the last time...?"
"...uh, never?"

So, adventures in instruction manual, plumbing, electricity, acid wash (lookit all the bubbles!)

I worried that even though I thought I had turned off the power, I hadn't, and would pay the price.

Man, was that grid clogged with scale! Exactly what the man said. I dipped in it acid at precisely the correct mixture, and amazingly didn't get any on myself. Here's 5 gallons of nasty mixture waiting for me to goof. History would suggest at minimum a nice scar.

But no. I triumph. Cheat fate. Live large. Keep skin.

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