Monday, November 06, 2006


Yesterday I said, "I need a book to read." There were no likely unread candidates. I looked at our meager collection of read books (many were thrown out in the move here, a year and a half ago.) In that collection was one very old (1950s) book which I know I've read 4 times already. It's about Creative Realism, and I remember it being very very 'heavy.' I had to stop and think about what various paragraphs really meant on the first go-rounds. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE so far (100+pages) it makes sense! How'd THAT happen? No, it's not because I've read it before, as each of the first 4 times were as confusing as the first time through. Maybe I'm finally ready for the message. Hope so.

Written by a Canadian MD in 1952 or so, Creative Realism is a world view on a micro and macro level. How to fully experience life. A worthy read and goal.

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Anonymous said...

Read. Just don't stop reading. That's what smart people like you do.