Thursday, November 09, 2006


Bush the W explained that when the reporter asked about his support of Rumsfeld the other day, even though Rummy's leaving was in the works, he gave him his 'full support for the rest of his term' to get to the next question.

Uh, that would be a lie.

If you lie, don't stop. That's the lesson here.

So now that he's been caught, why would you believe anything the man says? Maybe he should adopt the circular lie strategy: here's how it works - you admit you lie. Then your lie might be a lie, which makes it the truth. I should have been a political consultant.

Wonder what Karl Rove is saying now?

Bush is now Mister Bi-Partisan. He'd better be. (Does he seem shorter to you already?) WIll the Republicans get the message about working for the sake of the country, not the party? Will they clap at the next state of the uniono speech?

Bush reminds me of some of the corporate guys I've seen in my career, who blow into town and make these pronouncements about the great things the company will do "going forward." Of course, they don't work out that way, and nobody ever brings up the bad "initiatives."

Rush Limbaugh said he was 'tired of carrying the water for some of these guys' who got de-elected. What that means, I think, is that he is a hypocrite. An entertaining one though. I suppose the cry will now be how the democrats are not doing enough.

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