Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I spotted this twin engine wasp by the window. At first I thought it was outside, but since Terri is somewhat allergic to stings, I got closer and yes, this horrible bee was inside.

Fearlessly I whipped out my handkerchief and snapped it, sending the wasp to the floor where I picked it up with the cloth.

$$@#^&!!!!&%!@#&!! Stung, right through the cloth. How'd it know? Stung right on my right index finger (my mouse wheel finger). After a few minutes the pain went away yet TODAY the finger is swollen and hurts more than yesterday.

I describe scorpions as land wasps and haven't been stung by one of those yet but at least now I have a recent comparison.

The wasp was sighted on my hand - Terri says, "It's on your hand!" I shake it off like I've been tasered and then crush it into bee heaven or hell.

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