Saturday, December 16, 2006


The other night we were invited to a Christmas praty - and it turned out to be a good one in a really neat home. I've never seen anything like this - they had maybe 50 bottles of wine out on a table for your choice. Open and enjoy! And it was GOOD stuff, too, with very few double bottles of the same. Unfortunately I finished off a bottle of the best FIRST and nothing came close.

While at the table, I couldn't figure out where the bagpipe music was coming from. Turned out the 'room' was a tent and the floor their deck. Outside, warming up (there's a misnomer), was the sound of a bagpipe... and then a whole squad of pipers marched into the 'room' bleating away madly. They passed right by. I held my ears. Then they formed a circle about ten feet from me and all 4 (plus drum) honked away. The party had stopped to watch. I could not escape the large crowd that hemmed me in.

Here's a do-it-yourself Bagpipe: get a jet engine and fire it up while you stand there.

These were the loudest, shriekiest things I've ever heard. Later (their second set), even rooms away, you could barely hear yourself talk.

I realize these things go back ages, etc., have deep meaning for some. Sorry I can't go along for that ride.

The hosts also had a good acoustic alt-country type band. Much better.

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