Saturday, December 02, 2006


My review: a great BOND movie. Daniel Craig is perfect. Not as pretty as Brosnan, Craig's a man's man and a woman's man too! Although several elements of the plot were, I thought, a bit loose, no doubt they made cuts to trim the running time.

I didn't miss the effects at all when they showed BOND chasing a bad guy through a construction site. I think that may be the best action sequence I've seen. It's simple but fabulously exciting. No gimmick needed. Better than Indiana Jones, to my eye.
Maybe as good as the car pursuit in the French Connection. Seriously.

Irony: with such a stud lead actor, none of the women did it for me. I wish they had used Sienna Miller - Craig's ex-girlfriend... or anyone with more depth and beauty.

The title sequence looked cheap, too.

But I give it overall a 9.5 of 10.

I think Craig is more manly than any of the others after Connery and AS manly as Connery. That's saying something!

What's a bit of a head spinner is it's set int he present, but shows BOND in his early years. If you have seen the other films or read the books, you have to forget them to 'be' where the movie exists.

PS: Lake Como is beautiful in Casino Royale, as it is in real life.

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